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  • Advertising Message Board (VMS Board)

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    Advertising Message Board (VMS Board)

    Elevate your business with our attention-grabbing LED Advertising Sign Hire! Our cutting-edge LED displays are designed to help your brand shine in a sea of static signs.

    Say goodbye to blending in – our outdoor LED screens and displays are strategically crafted to turn heads and make an impact.

    Join the ranks of successful businesses using Advertising Signs on trailers to attract, engage, and succeed in the dynamic world of outdoor advertising.

  • Crowd Control

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    Crowd Control

    For smooth and safe crowd navigation, crowd management barriers play an essential role. 

    They cater to the safety needs of staff, visitors, or the broader community, ensuring that you have the right temporary boundary tailored to your needs.

    It’s a trusted choice for various events including music festivals, sport competitions, exhibits, and numerous work zones across Australia. We possess the knowledge to safeguard your venue or work zone, directing crowds efficiently while shielding them from potential dangers.

    Each of our crowd management barriers measures 2.2m X 1.1m.

    What we offer:

    • Flexibility for all site dimensions and rental durations
    • Availability for evening and weekend projects
    • Ideal for guiding pedestrians and streamlining crowd movement

    Best used for:

    • Major events and assemblies
    • Infrastructure projects
    • Business environments
  • Lighting Tower

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    Lighting Tower

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    Led lights provide instant light, improved energy savings and increased safety with low voltage and no ultraviolet radiation or infrared light.  This tower features 4xLED lights on a 48V extra low voltage system and weighs 1100kg, enabling one person set up.

    Please contact your local traffic branch for rates on long terms hires or multiple units.

  • Solar Street Light

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    Solar Street Light

    Portable 120w Telescopic Solar Light.

    Experience superior lighting solutions brought to you by Western Australia’s renowned company. Dive into the innovative features of our Portable 120W Telescopic Solar Light:


    • Block Dimensions: 1150 x 1150 mm (Width) x 502 mm (Height)
    • Fork Port Size: 200 x 100 mm
    • Telescopic Height: 3200 mm (when lowered) and 6-7 meters (when extended)
    • Weights: Block – 1153 Kg, Overall – 1300.8 Kg

    Light Head Specifications

    • LED Brand: Phillips
    • LED Quantity: 384 Chips
    • Solar Panel: 36V/160W
    • Battery: LiFe PO4 Battery – 25.6Ah/921.6Wh
    • Light Mode: Time-controlled via remote
    • Dimensions: 1712 x 423 x 60mm
    • Net Weight: 32.8Kg
    • Brightness: Luminous Flux of 21,600Lm
    • Colour Temperature: Ranges between 2700 to 6500
    • Beam Angle: 150° x 80°
  • Water Barriers – Pedestrian

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    Water Barriers – Pedestrian

    The ideal safety barrier for pedestrian delineation, cordoning off no-go zones, drop offs, pits and as a traffic control solution.


    • Length: 2150mm
    • Height: 900mm(H) x
    • Width: 500mm(W)
    • Weighs: 20kg empty, 327kg full
    • Contains: 25% recycled material


    • 70mm filler, overflow and 50mm drain centrally located
    • Material strength tested to AS/NZS 4766:2006
    • UV20 Protection to ASTM D2565
    • Recommended for carparks, worksites and pedestrian delineation
    • Light bracket moulded on top of barrier
    • Recyclable – Eco Friendly
    • Strong and user friendly
    • No loose pins
  • Track Mats / Temp Footpath

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    Track Mats / Temp Footpath

    LGC Hire Track Mats are designed to provide ground protection to preserve turf and landscapes. With a 60 tonne weight limit, our track mat will reduce vehicle impact and increase accessibility to site.


    • Size: 2440mm x 1220mm
    • Thickness: 12 mm
    • Material: Recycled and recyclable HDPE plastic
    • Load Rating: Assuredly supports 80 tonnes per axle load on solid and even surfaces.

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    • Eco-friendly Composition: Made of recycled, high-density polyethylene, they’re not only tough but also environmentally conscious.
    • Superior Traction: Their unique traction pattern ensures stability, dramatically reducing the chances of slippage, making your work sites safer.
    • Weather Resilient: Come rain, shine, or the harsh Western Australian sun, these mats stand tall. Their weather and UV resistant feature ensure longevity in any condition.
    • Efficient Design: With metal connectors, you can seamlessly link mats for expansive areas. And when it’s time to pack up, our stillages ensure transport and storage are a breeze.
    • User-friendly: Weighing just 39kg and equipped with four easy-carry handhold cutouts, these mats are a breeze to install, handle, and maintain.