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Boom Gate

Designed for the bustling streets of Perth and beyond, this innovative device is operated via remote control, ensuring our traffic controllers are stationed safely away from direct traffic. What truly sets this product apart from the traditional stop/slow methods and other temporary signals is the presence of a tangible barrier, which guarantees optimal safety at the worksite.


Please note: The make, model, and detailed specifications might differ, but the listed are representative of our available equipment.

  • Length: 2000mm, extendable up to 4000mm
  • Weight: 90kg
  • Power: 240V Battery
  • Remote Control Range: Up to 100m with a clear line of sight
  • Wind Tolerance: Up to 82.8km/hr


Boom Gate holds a TIPES Certification from the Australian Road Research Board, granting its application on all levels of Australian roads – be it local, state, or national.

  • Expert traffic management operations
  • Efficient road and shoulder closures
  • Streamlined access and gate control
  • Comprehensive event and pedestrian oversight
  • Security checkpoints
  • Temporary car park access management


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  • User-friendly operation and quick set-up
  • Swift assembly
  • Extended battery durability
  • Optional control via mobile phone


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