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Detect I (Speed Alarm)

it’s a guardian that audibly alerts drivers, providing them with crucial moments to make lifesaving decisions.

What sets ‘Detect I’ apart?

  • Universal Fit: Its mobile design ensures compatibility with all vehicle types.
  • Self-sufficient Power: Equipped with its own battery, it boasts an impressive 200-hour runtime.
  • Clear and Loud Alert: A 90 dB horn ensures the warning is heard when it matters most.
  • Speed Adaptability: Whether you’re in a school zone or on the freeway, adjust the speed range from 20km/h to 80km/h.
  • Exceptional Detection Range: It can sense approaching cars from over 200 metres away.
  • Data Insights: Stay informed with data collection features, including car volume, average speed, and the highest speed by the hour.
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